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Maximize Solar Output, Reduce Costs and Plan Better with Smart Soiling Data

  • ARES Soiling Stations enable accurate monitoring using large-area reference cells  

  • Our online dashboard allows you to monitor soiling data anywhere

  • Lowest maintenance solar soiling monitor solution on the market

Real-time, Actionable, Hassle-free PV Soiling Measurement


The ARES Soiling Station is a PV Soiling Monitor Based on PV Reference Measurement

  • Fast installation in under 1 hour anywhere in the array field

  • Self-powered and cellular-enabled

  • Cloud-based software calculates soiling loss and projects optimal wash dates

  • Calibrated c-Si reference cells closely match the spectral response of site modules

  • Guaranteed clean irradiance measurement

  • Unique patented solution using proprietary technology

Fracsun ARES Soiling Monitoring Station Device Equipment

Proprietary Measurement Technology

Our PV reference technology provides a real metric to evaluate solar soiling. Unlike other methods such as optical sensors, ARES calculates powerful and actionable data - whereas optical sensors are only able to estimate this data.

PV Reference
Optical Sensor
PV sensor response is highly correlated to array response
Optical sensor response is poorly correlated to array response
No calibration needed as it accounts for all soiling materials natively
Needs constant re-calibration to account for different types of soiling materials
Measures all wavelengths for soiling calculations
Is only able to measure 1 wavelength
Uses a clean solar cell for reference
Does not use a reference cell
Calculates real-time soiling data
Uses estimated soiling data

Software That Helps You Make Better Decisions

  • Accessible anywhere via web portal

  • View key soiling station data 

  • Wash forecasting and analysis 

  • Proactive alerts and notifications for upcoming wash dates 

  • Download raw soiling data

  • Multi-user logins

Fracsun Software Dashboard Preview

"After deploying the soiling monitoring hardware, we were able to see that we weren’t washing often enough. Optimizing our cleaning schedules allowed us to maximize overall site performance and reduce costs.”

Cannon Michaels, PresidentBowles Farming Company

What Makes Us Unique

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Powerful real-time cloud-based dashboard and API

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Calculated, not estimated, soiling metrics

fracsun_solar_soiling_loss_monitoring_system_ares_05178 (1)_edited.jpg


Lowest maintenance solar soiling monitor on the market


Who We Serve

  • EPC Firms

  • Developers

  • Meteorological Surveyors

  • Prospectors

  • Asset Managers

  • Project Financiers

  • PPA Providers

  • Asset Managers

  • O&M Contract Holders

  • Monitoring Providers



Will Carleton,
General Manager Solar O&M
Clearway Energy Group

"The equipment has given us monitoring capability to compare soiling levels to generation and helped us determine at what soiling percentage do we engage the contractor so that we don’t have greater generation loss due to contractor scheduling. We can watch the soiling rate and determine ahead of time to schedule the contractor."


Michael Grenier, Managing Partner
Blu Ox Ventures

“Fracsun's soiling management solution is the first truly complete solution available to the market, and it actually makes managing solar assets easier by using sophisticated software to proactively analyze your data and cost-benefit calculations.”


Cannon Michaels, President
Bowles Farming Company

“Before implementing the ARES solution near an agricultural facility our team had difficulty determining when it was the best time to clean the array. After deploying the soiling monitoring hardware, we were able to see that we weren’t washing enough and we were able to bring cleaning in-house, saving a substantial expense on every cleaning event.”


Contact Us

(805) 242-3722

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