Soiling Loss Management Brochure

Learn about Fracsun's complete soiling loss management solution with this brochure.

ARES CS4 Soiling Monitoring Device Spec Sheet

The latest technical specifications about Fracsun's ARES CS4 soiling station.

ARES Installation Manual

Manual for installation of the ARES and Wash Extension hardware. (rev.E)

Case Study - Manual Cleaning Comparison

Comparing the soiling loss measurement of Fracsun’s ARES device with the inverter outputs of two similar PV arrays.

Product Comparison

Learn how Fracsun's Soiling Monitoring Solution is different than the competition.

Hardware Overview Presentation

Short presentation with photos describing the features of the Fracsun hardware.

Fracsun Terms and Conditions

View the terms of service, device/subscription policies, confidentiality statement, warranty and other legal information pertaining to Fracsun's products and services.

Modbus Documentation

Learn how Modbus is integrated on the ARES and Wash Extension devices. View the M12 connection diagram and Modbus map.

Modbus Poll Files

Custom Modbus Poll workspace files for SCADA and datalogger reference.

What is the Solar Risk Assessment?

Industry experts in solar production risk have partnered to publish the new ‘Solar Risk Assessment 2021’ report to advance the solar industry. Designed intentionally for a non-technical financial community, this report will be refreshed every year to provide investors with the latest insights on the evolution of solar generation risk. Fundamentally, it is our hope that this report will serve as a guide for investors who recognize the importance of allowing data-based insights to inform the deployment of capital.

Who contributed?

2021 contributors include: kWh Analytics, DNV, WoodMackenzie Power & Renewables, BloombergNEF, PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), Radian Generation, Novasource Power Services, Fracsun, Nextracker, Clean Power Research, Lockton Power, and Stance Renewable Risk Partners.