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ARES Soiling Station: The Smart Soiling Management Solution

  • Obtains accurate monitoring using large-area reference cells  

  • Monitors soiling data anywhere with real-time software

  • Reduces your solar maintenance costs

A solar soiling station like no other

ARES: Solar Soiling Data at Your Fingertips


The ARES soiling station is a soiling monitor based on PV reference measurements.


ARES monitors the level of dirt accumulation on solar panel surfaces to help optimize cleaning schedules and maximize the performance and efficiency of solar installations.

​ARES is unique because it uses a proprietary measurement technology that calculates reliable metrics for decision making.

Fracsun ARES Soiling Monitoring Station Device Equipment

ARES vs. DustIQ

ARES provides superior features when compared to other soiling solutions

Large surface area
Installation Under 1 hr
Calculated vs. Estimated Metric
Measures full light spectrum
No Calibration Required
Automatic washing

What Makes ARES Unique

fracsun_dashboard 2023-04-26 at 11.24.10 PM.png


Powerful real-time cloud-based dashboard and API

fracsun_solar_soiling_loss_monitoring_system_ares_05159 (1)_edited.jpg


Calculated, not estimated soiling metrics

fracsun_solar_soiling_loss_monitoring_system_ares_05178 (1)_edited.jpg


Lowest maintenance solar soiling monitor on the market

Software That Helps You Make Better Decisions

  • Accessible anywhere via web portal

  • View key soiling station data 

  • Wash forecasting and analysis 

  • Proactive alerts and notifications for upcoming wash dates 

  • Download raw soiling data

  • Multi-user logins

Fracsun Software Dashboard Preview
fracsun_dashboard 2023-04-26 at 11.17.32 PM.png

View the optimal number of washes per year and associated savings

ARES forecasts soiling to arrive to your optimal wash frequency

fracsun_dashboard 2023-04-26 at 11.17.02 PM.png
fracsun_dashboard 2023-04-26 at 11.17.45 PM.png

Full visibility into optimal wash cadence and timing to minimize soiling loss

Is ARES right for you?

Take the ARES dashboard for a test drive


Contact Us

(805) 242-3722

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