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The Fracsun soiling management solution is able to provide value at many points along the solar value chain. See how intelligent soiling solutions can help your team.



From origination to commissioning, Fracsun can help your team take the guesswork out of soiling loss without rolling the dice.

Developers - Utilizing locally derived data, forecast project performance with certainty regarding soiling mitigation requirements.


Metrological Surveyors & Prospectors - With the only standalone, self powered soiling station on the market, prospecting soiling loss has never been easier. Set it and forget it.

EPC Firms - Incorporate local measurement to improve project pro formas on the front end and improve soiling loss assumptions. Specify a Fracsun soiling station in your projects to give future owners peace of mind and provide value add.



If your team is focused on optimizing the performance of your portfolio, the ARES soiling solution is a clear choice.

Asset Owners - Optimize plant performance using Fracsun's financial modeling tools to increase ROI and decrease LCOE. 

Project Financiers - Reduce risk and improve yield estimates with either prospected data or nearby data.

PPA Providers - Customer and owner both win when array performance is optimized. Increase plant revenue while putting more clean energy onto the grid.



Being on the front lines of the battle against soiling losses can be harrowing. Actionable data is the weapon you've been waiting for.

Asset Managers - Monitor the effectiveness of your cleaning program to ensure KPIs are being met. 

O&M Contract Holders - Benchmarking data enables your team to know when they are cleaning often enough (or too often) to meet performance guarantees.

Monitoring Providers - The ARES solution is the only PV reference cell based soiling measurement device. Being self-cleaning, self-powered, and wireless makes ARES the simplest device to integrate. 

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