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Sunset on Solar Panels

Demo an ARES Soiling Sensor

Interested in demoing Fracsun's ARES soiling sensor on your PV array?

Please fill out the application below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have limited demo inventory and can only provide 1 sensor per company. Terms and conditions below.

Personal Details

Project Details

We would like to understand more details about the project the demo unit would be installed on.

Does this project already have a soiling sensor installed?
Do you have a site resource to install the Fracsun ARES soiling sensor?
Can you share the project's production data with Fracsun?

Terms and Conditions

For a limited time only, Fracsun is offering a demo sensor, at no additional charge, to organizations and projects that meet specific criteria as deemed by Fracsun. Some of those criteria include company size, MW of assets under management or development, projects in areas of high soiling, other soiling sensors installed, and site resources. Fracsun reserves the right to reject or accept any application submitted. Fracsun does not guarantee a demo sensor be provided to recipients submitting this application. .

Upon approval of the application, a Fracsun representative will reach out to you for additional information. A soiling sensor will be shipped at no charge if within the United States. A Fracsun Portal account will be created to access, view, and analyze soiling data. The demo soiling sensor provided is at the discretion of Fracsun and may be new, refurbished, used, contain cosmetic defects, or past feature sets.

You agree to provide the resources required to install the soiling sensor in a timely manner upon receiving the product. After a 3 month demonstration period, you agree to return the soiling sensor to Fracsun. You will cover all disassembly costs and return shipping related charges. You may request to extend the demonstration period if more time is required. If the sensor is not returned to Fracsun in a timely manner, Fracsun will invoice the company $2500 to cover the burdened costs of the demo program. 

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